Başkonsolosun Mesajı

Dear Citizens, Distinguished Saudi Friends (Brothers And Sisters), Esteemed Visitors,

I have assumed the office of the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey to Jeddah as of 01 December 2019.

Representing my country in the best way and providing you with qualified service during my term of office will be a source of honor and happiness for me.

Our consular district consists of Makkah, Al Madinah, Al-Bahah, Tabuk, Asir, Najran and Jizan Emirates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition to the consular services we provide, the Office of Press Attaché, the Office of Labor and Social Security Attaché, the Office of Religious Affairs Attaché, the Office of Education Attaché, the Office of Commercial Attaché are devotedly conducting works in their fields of specializations under the auspices of our Consulate General.

Closely following and protecting the rights and interests of our citizens, increasing cooperation with local authorities for enhancing close relationships taking strength from the historical, cultural and social ties between the two countries, providing the applicants with quality and speedy consular services well reinforced with technical infrastructure and qualified personnel are among our main goals.

I would like to emphasize that the supports, contributions, views and suggestions of our citizens and applicants are important for us in order for duly fulfilling the duties of our Consulate General. In addition, I would like to underline that we pay strict attention to keep our doors open to everyone all the time, as we have done so far.

I wish that our citizens coming our area of duty with the purpose of performing Hajj and Umrah would carry out their duties without confronting with any problems and it is also worth noting that our Consulate General always stands by our citizens present here for
Hajj and Umrah inevery case, with our all units.

I would like to take this occasion to greet you all with affection and respect and to extend best regards on behalf of the Consulate staff and myself.

Mete Zaimoğlu

Consul General


Mete Zaimoğlu Consul General
Sunday - Thursday

09:00 - 17:00

You can apply for consular affairs every day except Friday-Saturday between 9.00 am and 17.00 am in person.
1/1/2021 New Year
5/12/2021 5/14/2021 Religious Holiday (Ramadan)
7/20/2021 7/23/2021 Religious Holiday (Sacrifice/Al-Adha)
9/23/2021 National Day of Saudi Arabia
10/29/2021 National Day